"Nevertheless" - A Story Of A Girl Called to Serve In An Unthinkable Place (From Pat Butler in Florida) - April 2017

 “After consultation with her agency and the church, the consensus was: she was indeed called.  Now Kelly has to erase her identity and cut herself off from things she holds dear.  She can only tell her parents, not even her brother.  How does one do this? Kelly answered with her favorite word in the Bible: Nevertheless.  "Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done." (Luke 22:42) ... VIEW STORY

A Refugee Family of 7 Are Welcomed By Members of a Church (From David Gentino in Columbia, SC) - January 2017

 “Everything was a novelty.  The fire alarm got a lot of attention.  Everyone took a turn cranking up the oven...The days ahead are filled with rides to English classes and job training and school enrollment...But for now, in the blurry, jet-lagged stillness of a new, strange home, we learn from English to Swahili to their mother tongue and all the way back through that chain that we are both Christians...” VIEW STORY

"For the First Time, I Saw Myself A Sinner" - That's when John Surrendered (From Moe Montenegro in Thailand) - January 2017

 “John would never admit that he was a sinner.  While home, he fought with his mother and left to get some 'fresh air.'  As he was out, he witnessed a boy fighting with his mother.  He felt anger inside at the young boy and saw him as a sinner.  Immediately, he realized....” VIEW STORY

A Year of Growing from the Home Front (From Claire Inoue) - October 2016

 “It is (obviously) a very different season of life for me.  Where I used to tell you about all my activities now it is too diverse to describe...So in between laundry, diapers and trying to figure out what to make for dinner, I live in community.  And its rich.” VIEW STORY

Freedom at Last (From the Inoues in Kenya) - June 2016

What does it look like to have freedom? Sometimes it's hard to get a picture of it: we talk so much in the figurative, the spiritual sense.  In many cases people have used shackles and chains imagery to show what bondage and imprisonment might look like...”  VIEW STORY


These People Need God! (From the Speitelsbachs in Ivory Coast) - May 2016

 “Imagine you are standing in a circle like the one above.  Listening, hearing, smelling and observing what is going on...and finally understanding slowly that these people need God! For life and for eternity! But who will tell them? Maybe you can spot Amy in this picture.  But what about those hundreds of villages who do not have someone seeking to reach them...” VIEW STORY

The Saddest Place Ever (From the Websters in California) - March 2016

 “…Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington state…the saddest and darkest place I've ever seen...Our impulse is to avoid the darkness.  Our default in the face of brokenness is to move away.  The problem is that the darkness isn't simply 'out there' it's 'in here' - in us...and that's why Easter felt like such fresh, good news for me this year.” VIEW STORY


A Conversion Story (From the Gentinos in South Carolina) - December 2015

 "A hulking six foot four Columbia native...trudged up to one of our members on Main Street months ago asking for a smoke.  Brewer [church member] offered him a hot cup of coffee and a seat in the worship service instead...That chance Sunday morning invitation broke a death wish” and brought this man to have "peace with God." VIEW STORY

Riding the Rollercoaster of Life (From the Johnsons in North Carolina) - November 2015

 “…space is so important to have in between two intense times of cancer events.  It is a bit like the flat part of a rollercoaster when you have just climbed to amazing heights and get to enjoy the view.  But you have no ideas what is next…” VIEW STORY


Only In Your Dreams! (From the Inoues in Kenya) - November 2015

 “One day, a man saw one of the believers reading the material and told them that for two years he has been having a dream about that booklet.” VIEW STORY


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