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June 28-July 4: Missionary Prayer Requests

  • Lea Ann Wright (iFACE/Greenville, SC) asks you to pray for the international students this summer as they intern, travel home, and move into jobs post-graduation. Pray that God grows the seeds that were planted all year long in conversations and through relationships. Pray for more volunteers and families who desire to reach the nations here in our local colleges. Pray also that students and their friendship families and conversation partners can stay connected long term.  
  • George & Kathy Schultz (UWM/CIT) ask for prayer as George travels and presents at the National African American Mission Conference in DC. African Americans are an under-represented voice on the mission field. Pray for the George to present the need and opportunity for good cross-cultural training through CIT. Pray for Kathy as she is finishing the Youth Intercultural Training module with her teens and serving in their church’s VBS.
  • Aaron & Amy Speitelsbach (NTM/Liberia) ask for continued prayer for the formation of a small group (4-5 Glarro men) that would help Aaron put the Bible lessons they are translating into good, understandable Glarro. Pray specifically that the two local pastors, Pastor Blai and Pastor Buwee (who we believe are unsaved) would be a part of this team.
  • Tom & Vicky Arabis (GO Int’l/Portugal) ask for prayer for their 22 graduate students, that their faith would be encouraged by this step to pursue further study, that their finance and ministry needs would be met opening up time to study and participate in class.
  • Jonathan & Grace Meyer (OM/Belgium) praise God for a needed parking permit so that the building permit application is now complete for the renovations to continue at the Zav Center. Praise God also for the 2 teams that served recently at the Zav Center, helping to complete a courtyard, a new shed roof, and several other key steps in the kitchen renovation. Pray for Jonathan and their 2 daughters as they serve in France with our MRPC short term team. Pray for Grace and their 2 sons while daddy and sisters are away.
  • Satoshi & Cally (MTW/Canada) ask you to continue to pray for the efforts of the pastoral search committee at South Shore Reformed Church so that they can call a French-speaking pastor as soon as possible. Pray also for wisdom for Satoshi and healing of a hematoma for Cally.
  • Keith & Ruth Powlison (MTW/Peru) as you to pray for their neighbor, Miguel, who has begun attending worship with them. Pray that Miguel’s faith would be encouraged and matured. Pray for wisdom as they look at some restructuring for the Josephine House as well as financial provision for this children’s home. They need to raise $4500-5000 a month for the Josephine House not to close down by the end of this year.   

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