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April 26 - May 2: Missionary Prayer Requests

  • Aileen Coleman (Jordan) asks that you pray for the spiritual growth of the many fleeing from Syria and entering Jordan.  The flow of Syrian refugees has been overwhelming and Aileen and those from the hospital have received a lot of patients in need of medical and financial help. 
  • Tohru & Claire Inoue (SIM/S Sudan) ask that you pray for Tohru as he will be travelling to Egypt to see and encourage some teammates who are doing language studies and are involved with other ministries; on a side note, pray for Claire and the boys at home during his time away.  Pray for the missionaries and community members alike as they resettle in the torn-down village of Doro: “There have been some hard stories and there are communities who will struggle with not having their homes because they were burnt down in the aftermath of the fighting.”  Pray for reconstruction advancements as this region approaches the rainy season (May/June - October).

  • Aaron & Amy Speitelsbach (NTM/Liberia) ask that you pray for Amy and the meeting she will have with the people interested in learning how to read and write Glarro.  Pray for Amy as she becomes involved with checking Bible comprehension among the Glarro people as they hear the Bible in their own language; pray that God will work through His Word to draw people to Himself!  Also, pray for coworker Lesley who is the Bible translator: “She is very discouraged with the progress right now.  She needs volunteers to help her with comprehension checks but no one seems interested.”   Pray for Aaron’s health as he has not been able to get back to normal since being ill about a month ago – they may try to run some blood tests at the end of May.  

  • Satoshi & Cally* (MTW/Canada) ask that you pray for continued discussions with MTW’s new leadership team regarding their return to Quebec.  Pray for their twin daughters’ Suzi and Sophi as they apply for scholarships for the academic year 2017-18.  Pray for the many dealing with various infirmities and diseases. 

  • Vladimir Degtyaryov (Ukraine) asks that you pray for additional recruitment of guest teachers to take part in the college’s modular courses this September and October.  Pray for the continued financial support necessary to do the work of ZBCS.  Pray for a healthy recruitment of new students for the 2017-18 school year.     

  • Roger & Dianne Smalling (Latin America) ask that you pray for Roger as he develops the course for Didactics along the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.  This is being done as a result of a Mexican pastor requesting guidance as to how to teach. 

  • Bobby & Teresa* (Europe) ask that you pray for them as they meet with many church leaders, including a pastor in Stockholm who is still dealing with the aftermath of the attack in the city.  

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