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  • Missions Conference: Praise God for an incredible weekend! Praise Him for the new churches being planted around the world and for the hearts being changed by His Spirit. Pray for all our missionaries present, that they would be strengthened and encouraged during their time in the US and that they would all receive the necessary funds to go to the field (especially Emilie & the Miller’s, Nihart’s, Hall’s, and Davison’s). May the Lord be exalted!

  • 8th grade MRCA short term teams to Bahamas & Cherokee: Pray for these students and their leaders as they prepare to go and serve cross-culturally at the end of this month. May they be filled with Christ’s love and compassion. May they be deeply touched by the gospel of grace so that they desire to share the good news with others. May the missionaries and nationals they interact with be uplifted by our teams visits. May the leaders be filled with wisdom and patience. May all stay safe.
  • Erick & Kimberly Apel (Serge/Kenya): Please continue to pray for Erick’s US citizenship to be approved. He is in the US now, and recently came to our missions conference with EQUIP, and Kimberly and Eliana are at home in Kenya. Pray for the family as they are apart and pray for the ladies to have safe travel as they join Erick in April. Pray for the hearts and eyes of a family of refugee ladies to be open to Jesus and His love for them. Their mother is declining in health. Finally pray as Kimberly seeks to build up a new team of laborers to specifically love and serve the Mslm refugee community in Nairobi.
  • Larry & Sandy Rockwell (MTW/Peru): May the Lord continue to use them amongst the Quechua people in Peru. Pray for Fortunato, Maura, and Antonio to desire a relationship with Jesus and for Larry and Sandy to have opportunities to visit with them again soon. Pray they would be open to receiving study Bibles in their language. Pray for the Rockwell’s as they prepare to host a few short term teams from April – September and pray for our team from MRPC that will go in August.
  • Pat Bulter (OM/GEM Arts Int’l): Pray for Pat and all those joined together for teaching and worship and community outreach through Incarnate 2018 in Italy. 11 nations are represented by the participants. May God direct their work in truth (Isaiah 61:8) and give wisdom to the leaders as they teach the Bible and coach through life and ministry. Pray for Pat to have the stamina needed to teach and coach with excellence in Christ.

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