Once called the Missions Task Force, Missions has been at the forefront of Mitchell Road since its start in 1969. It was first run by a committee of elders, deacons, and lay people. We began by supporting missionaries, many of which we still support today, and in the 80s began to expand the missions program by meeting them where they were through short term mission trips.

The youth pastor at the time along with a few others led a team of over 20 predominantly high school & college students to Saffle, Sweden in 1985 for 3½ weeks to assist a still-supported-missionary Joanne Schmidt (now Joanne Mackey) on a work project at the Nordic Bible Institute.

This was Mitchell Road’s first official STM trip. They presented an evening service when they got back and it had an incredible impact on the church. Jimmy Dodd, the pastor at the time, eventually took over as the Youth & Missions Pastor in 1989 as the missions program developed. A team went back to Sweden in 1989.

At that point, there were several 2-week trips scheduled that year. Also, there was a 1-year trip to Camp of the Peaks in France that year, which led to 10 people living there from September 1990 to September 1991.
Since 1970, our annual mission conference has also been a crucial element to sharing the work of missionaries.


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